Photo of Andrea Bindereif
Photo by Frank Tapia Photography


Welcome! I’m Andrea Bindereif.

Born and raised in Germany, I discovered dance at a young age. From folk to jazz to ballroom dance, I couldn’t get enough. Dance remained my favorite pastime while I studied at Munich University. When I moved to California I was thrilled to find a new and even more diverse dance-culture. It was here that I began to perform, compete, and teach, becoming involved in different styles of dance. Thanks to Argentine tango I started to travel to Buenos Aires, and thanks to samba I’ve danced in the Sambadrome Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro: ‘the biggest show on earth.’

On Andrea’s Tango Site, two of my desires have come together: writing and dancing. My stories here reflect my own personal view of what’s happening. The tango universe is endless. There are a lot of exciting things happening in Argentine tango! So make sure to check back frequently and read what I have discovered!