Hello Tango World!

This is my very first Tango post. I’m very excited! My plan is to write a new story every week about what’s interesting in the Tango world. I want this blog to be different. I hope it’s going to be interesting enough for you to come back and read every single story. Tango is a mini cosmos filled with music, dance, personal drama, passion, sadness, adventure, change. You find people of all ages, all social backgrounds, all races and all political view points. They come together because they have one thing in common: Their fascination with Tango! I hope that my blog will attract both Tango aficionados and people who know nothing about Tango. We are not as weird or different as you may think! And even if you never get into it, if you never learn the dance or never even like the music, I hope you will continue to read! And please feel free to send me your suggestions about what you may think is worth blogging about in Tango! Hope to see you around a lot!


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