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This is Tango: The Dance, The Music, The Performers

by Andrea Bindereif

An inside look at the world of Tango — the world-wide phenomenon that began on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina over a hundred years ago.

Explore the social scene — the ‘milongas’ (tango dance events), and learn about the music and musicians that have carried this unique dance around the world, together with the stars, the performers, the teachers, and other professionals that inhabit the tango universe.

Whether you are already a devotee or have never danced a single step ‘This is Tango’ will entice, educate, and assuredly fascinate and prove totally enjoyable.

You will meet many of the stars and personalities that populate the world of tango as a brief glance at the Index will demonstrate, from international performers to local teachers and organizers.

Paperback: $24.95 + 3.99 S&H